Quicksilva: Health sector focus, history and background.

Our History

From the outset, Quicksilva has been associated with prestigious projects both in the public and private sector. Quicksilva was created in 1999 to meet the growing need for such an approach to IT development and delivery.

  • We are based in a one acre walled garden
  • Our office was greenhouses and potting sheds
  • Rural office location - Wiltshire countryside
  • Plenty of space for activities

With offices built out of the former potting sheds and greenhouses of a centuries old Wiltshire manor house and overlooking gardens that would befit any respected Georgian country gentleman, Quicksilva understand how to get the most from the environment and from its people.

Based on our reputation for delivering, we often get asked to provide diverse solutions from a pensions system for Northern Ireland to a tracking system for the Royal International Air Tattoo we can cover all bases.

Our big focus is health and social care and our long association with the NHS makes us feel like part of the family.


Our interface to the NHS Spine, Spinal Tap® is the market leader for connecting community pharmacies and our reputation for producing standards compliant systems has brought us customers for our test harness, Spine-in-a-Box® (EPS, CaB, PDS, SCR).

Our health solutions software applications such as orQestra® and conneQt® enable information sharing within health boundaries and across into social care.

Our track record is diverse...we have built systems that:

  • prescribe
  • support expert decisions
  • connect to the NHS Spine
  • transform HL7 messages
  • track planes and VIPs
  • provide a web portal
  • collect and manage surveys
  • collect screening data
  • clean patient data
  • verify NHS number
  • integrate health and social care
  • dispense
At all times [Quicksilva] projected and delivered a highly effective and professional service which was valued by all who came in contact with it.DW, Government Head of Service

Where we have come from, makes us what we are today. Gayna Hart, Founder and Managing Director

Building our new offices

Quicksilva was founded on 13th October 1999.

 Contact us to see what Quicksilva can do for you... email info@qxlva.com