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Our People

Quicksilva's competitive advantage is the behaviour of its people.

Quicksilva's competitive advantage is the behaviour of its people. Our work ethic underpins the way we do business, from how we communicate to how we innovate, and it gives us an advantage in everything we do.

The company’s recruitment process is designed to select staff who excel in their chosen field, who can think for themselves and who can provide simple solutions to difficult business problems.

This has enabled us to take on projects that other organisations view as too difficult. Quicksilva has taken over badly performing systems and turned them around, delivered in timescales which have defeated others and we can often find solutions where others have failed. Our current customers know this is a major strength...

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2 pairs of our people at Quicksilva are related outside of work.

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The attitude of the group comes from the top. You don't get good vibes from staff who aren't appreciated. Gayna Hart, Q's Founder and Managing Director

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