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A very healthy event

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Here at Quicksilva the highlight of our social calendar is without question The eHealth Insider Awards. This is not only because they reward the people on the frontline, who rarely get the credit they deserve, but also because of its prevailing friendly, community spirit.

If we thought that this year people might be a bit down in the mouth because of the economic situation, and the rumoured impact this is to have on public spending, we were wrong. The mood, helped along no doubt by the well-staffed bar, was extremely buoyant.

Presenting the E-Health Insider Award 2009

In fact the organisers appeared to have given our friends at CFH a bit of a break by hiring a new host for the evening. I have to say that it wasn’t quite the same without Dr Phil, whose tongue-in-cheek humour never fails to put the crowd in a good mood. My disappointment was tempered though by a chat with the charming editor of eHealth Insider who came over to pose for a photo with me for the online gallery – which you can view by logging onto www.ehealthawards.com/product-innovation.

As always with these events, the company you keep is as important as the wine you drink. On our table were friends from our partner, customer and supplier companies. It was a good crowd and Gayna made sure we all got the chance to chat by mixing up the place settings at every course.

But the true delight of these awards was that innovation across healthcare remains exceptional. People working on the coalface of patient care are coming up with unique solutions to common problems that have a real impact of the quality of service delivered. Quicksilva sponsor the Healthcare IM&T Product Innovation award, which this year was won by MCP Systems Consultants & Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust, for the development of a RFID tracking chip for patient records. A simple solution to a widespread challenge. Genius.

After the awards were dispensed it was time to hit the dance floor and show the industry our moves. I can’t say it was a graceful display, but never-the-less we let our presence be known.

We could only be persuaded to leave once the threat of turning into pumpkins was upon us. A fab night and we were rewarded with very sore heads the next day. But we soon perked up because the day after the awards was Quicksilva’s 10th birthday party. Hangovers were relieved with much jelly, ice cream and Monster Munch. Happy days.

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