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How exciting! Last week our Corporate Assurance Manager, Kelly, won a shiny pink iPod Nano after completing an online customer service questionnaire for Certification International, one of our suppliers.


The iPod was the prize awarded to one survey respondent, picked at random, to Certification International Customer Satisfaction Survey, which was sent out to all of their UK clients. They have provided our ISO 14001:2005 certification since we first achieved the environmental standard back in 2005.

Emma Fawcett-Jones, from Certification International said:

"Certification International realises how important it is to listen to our clients in order to make sure we are meeting their needs whilst implementing the highest professional standards demanded by UKAS accredited certification. In order to ensure that we constantly improve the service that we provide, it’s crucial that we ask our clients for their feedback."

Each year Quicksilva receive tremendous support, not only from our external auditor Barry Young but from Emma Fawcett-Jones, UK Business Manager, who quietly and efficiently manages all their customer relationships. It is Emma’s work that compelled Kelly to respond to the questionnaire as on the handful of occasions they have spoken on the phone Emma always has all the information at her finger tips whether it be invoicing, details on the last audit, certificates, expiry dates and it is all done with a smile.

Says Kelly:

"I know it is not the British way but after spending a number of years living and working in New Zealand I am compelled to ’say it how it is’ and try to give feedback when something or someone has gone above and beyond and equally when something has not met my expectations (much to the embarrassment of my husband in restaurants!). So it is this feeling that led me to complete the 10 question customer satisfaction questionnaire emailed to me from Certification International."

Emma visited our Chippenham office to deliver the iPod personally and commented on the survey results.

"I’m delighted to advise that we had a great response to the Survey and the feedback that we received was fantastic. As a result, we will be implementing a number of new initiatives that our clients have asked for as well as maintaining our consistently high level of customer service that our clients have come to expect."
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