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Laptop donation is music to the ears for charity FairTunes

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Quicksilva have recently donated a number of used laptops to FairTunes, a registered charity dedicated to using the power of music to enhance people’s lives in developing nations. FairTunes vision is to mobilise local talent and help musicians, artists and other members of the community to fulfill their potential. They want to provide the opportunity for individuals to learn new skillsets and enable impoverished communities to develop artistically.

They do this by setting up training programmes, creating recording studios and radio facilities in community centres within deprived areas in developing countries as well as in the UK. They work with established and grass roots community projects to develop facilities from which to produce music, broadcast radio and run workshops.

Andy, Quicksilva commented: "Music has always been around in the Quicksilva’s culture, with a number of talented musicians within the team often coming together for a jamming session or an occasional performance. The benefits of getting involved in music are evident, even here at Quicksilva, and so it’s great to see our surplus equipment being put to use and in a worthwhile cause."
Jon Last, FairTunes said: "We are still a small charity and rely on donations of money and equipment from people and companies such as Quicksilva. They have very generously donated old laptops, on more than one occasion, and sent them to Colombia where they have been put to good use. Donations such as these are a key part of our development strategy and we thank Quicksilva for their ongoing support."

FairTunes currently have two fully functioning studios in Colombia; one in Bogotá and another in a small hillside community of El Salado.

The Bogotá studio acts as a central hub for their work in Columbia, available for musicians and producers from low-income backgrounds and a base for running all types of workshops.

El Salado was victim to one of the worst massacres in the decade’s long civil war, resulting in the displacement of the majority of the population. Built in collaboration with the Columbian organisation CIREC, the music studio was one of a number of community programs to encourage development and to secure the return of displaced inhabitants. The studio is now used for community radio programs and to record local musicians.

"It has been truly incredible to be a part of this project that has seen participants grow from being shown how to use a mouse to being fully competent in more advanced music programs." added Jon.

FairTunes are now working on an up-coming project in permanent refugee camps in Western Sahara. The "Studio Live" project is a collaboration between FairTunes and another charity called Sandblast, with the aim of developing a music school.

For more information on the charity FairTunes, including the other projects they are involved in please visit or their Facebook page

Summer 2011 Playlist Campaign

FairTunes are currently running a text donation campaign, teaming up with an international cast of renowned artists to bring a compilation of amazing and eclectic sounds in return for a small donation. For more information please visit Summer 2011 Playlist.

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