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Local computer club for girls gets Quicksilva support

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Quicksilva are supporting the e-skills UK’s Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G) by sponsoring a local school in Swindon; ensuring that the club continues into the new school year.

The award winning CC4G is being re-launched in September under a new sponsorship model, after an extensive update in partnership with Aardman, the producers of Wallace and Gromit.

Computer Club for Girls (CC4G)

CC4G is an extra-curricular club for 10 to 14 year old girls. It builds IT capability and confidence using real world context and topics which appeal to girls, for example fashion, music, sport, and celebrity.

Gayna Hart, Managing Director of Quicksilva said; "We at Quicksilva know how important it is to get girls excited about technology, whether for future studies or careers. They have the potential to make a real impact on the industry by bringing their creativity, energy and passion. The more of them that choose to enter IT in the UK, the greater our pool of talent and the stronger the industry will become. We are thrilled to sponsor CC4G at Bradon Forest School and help to inspire this generation of girls about careers in technology."

Research shows that girls begin to make career choices as early as the age of 8. CC4G tackles negative perceptions of IT at a critical age, engaging their interest in technology.

Since 2005 over 3,800+ schools have run CC4G clubs, with over 135,000 members. Over 80% of CC4G members have said they are more likely to consider IT-related education and careers.

98% of schools say CC4G is having a positive effect on achievement in IT and 83% of schools saw benefits across the whole curriculum.

The Facts:

  • of the UK’s IT professional workforce is female
  • of applicants to IT degrees are female
  • of IT Apprentices are female
  • of A-level computing candidates are female
"I can’t believe how popular CC4G has been. The girls are so enthusiastic and passionate about CC4G here. The work they can do is very valuable to support KS3, and in many cases will prepare them GCSE level ICT work." (Teacher, CC4G)
"I have been on a computer before but I wasn’t very good and I was a bit slow. But now I am fast and know what I’m doing." (Club member, CC4G)

Sponsor a school

Schools across the UK are looking for sponsorship for e-skills UK’s Computer Clubs for Girls (CC4G).

For sponsorship of £500, a school can run an after-school online CC4G club for a year. Sponsors often support a local club so they go in sometimes to encourage the girls in their work.

If you would like to sponsor a school, please follow this link www.e-skills.com/CC4G

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