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Trust me...I’m a Spine Mini Service

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You might have heard of me...I’m an NHS Spine Mini Service and I’m new on the scene...maybe even the next big thing...?

You see, most Trusts just don’t want the cost of the new "all singing, all dancing" LSP systems that are being foisted on them by the NHS...for some Trusts it’s a backwards step as they already have functionality they are happy with and that puts them ahead of the game...but the LSP systems can only move at the speed of the slowest ship in the fleet...and, oops, the government have already contracted to buy them.

My appearance on the scene works for the Trusts on so many levels...they don’t have to "rip and replace" their Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system...they can get more value out of what they’ve already paid for by enhancing their existing systems...and in these days of spending cuts that’s a good thing, right?

The main piece that the Trust’s existing systems are missing is an up-to-date real-time view of verified patient details through the Personal Demographics Service (PDS) which runs on the NHS Spine. Just get the bit that’s missing, I say...I can provide the spine connectivity that you could say I’m the missing link.


So what are the benefits of a Spine Mini Service like me? My name is orQestra® and I make use of the services running on the NHS Spine...well, just the PDS for now...and I was developed by the people at Quicksilva to the standards of the Interoperability Tool Kit (ITK) enforced by NHS Connecting for Health (CfH)...I can be used by agencies who have also agreed to abide by the standards of the Interoperability Tool Kit (ITK). This saves everybody a lot of time and trouble...which means getting connected.

I am proud to be a service of many parts...not only am I a Local Messaging Hub and I can transform messaging from other existing or new systems, but I can also manage the email traffic between different agencies such as Trusts, Social Services, Mental Health, Care in the community, Charities, third party providers...the list goes on.


...and maybe soon, my skills will be upgraded and I will be able to access Choose and Book or Summary Care Records...the world my oyster...!

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