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Introducing the London Adapter

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Quicksilva are proud to announce a game-changing breakthrough in the London Borough of Islington. For the first time, hospitals, GPs and social care organisations across London are able to send key patient information seamlessly and securely by electronic transfer – replacing fax, post and telephone.

The pioneering ‘London Adapter’ project is a collaboration between HSCIC and Quicksilva, utilising Quicksilva’s innovative conneQt® integration tool to deliver truly joined up health and social care.

The first implementation saw patients returning home from Islington’s Whittington Hospital seamlessly discharged into the care of the Local Authority, at the click of a button.

We have all heard of the ‘gaps’ between care organisations where the exchange of patient data causes delays in the patient care journey. The London Adapter is a hugely ambitious project designed to close these gaps. The biggest challenge has been bringing all of the many stakeholders together and it has been hugely rewarding to work with such dedicated teams at HSCIC, NHS Trusts, Local Authorities, Corelogic, Liquidlogic and OLM to drive the project to fruition.
We now look forward to the realisation of the many benefits – swift and streamlined discharge paths; patients returning home sooner a reduced admin burden on clinical staff and significant cost savings. Quicksilva’s Founder and Managing Director, Gayna Hart.


With further roll-outs imminent in two other London boroughs and expansion to cover other key patient information such as Care Plans and Contact Assessments, it looks like the London Adapter is right on track to deliver on a paperless, joined up healthcare agenda.

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conneQt®, Quicksilva’s proprietary integration tool which powers the London Adapter is attracting interest from CCG’s and NHS Trust consortia across the UK. Contact us to find out more about how conneQt® could help you achieve your integration goals.

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